5 Technologies That Can Help Build A Better Home For The Elderly

Caring for elderly individuals can be tedious work. Having the right people and care takers is one aspect, but having the right home improvements and technological placements will help make life easier for both you and the person concerned. Making use of modern technology to create a safer environment is a great idea. Here are a few ways.

The camera for security and communication

When you have employed a therapist to provide physiotherapy at home it is a good idea to have a way to communicate with them over video calls. That way you can also have a group chat including your parents. A camera placed around the house and live streamed to you would also be great security, as you can watch over them even when you are away. When you have decided to oversee things via a camera, the individuals involved should be informed. They must consent to it in a legal document. This can prevent misunderstands and any issues that can arise, as it can be considered an intrusion to privacy.

Alarm system in different areas

Setting up an alarm system for the kitchen and the whole house would be great. Smoke detectors can come in handy, especially if your elderly is prone to forgetfulness. Having a security alarm for the house is a great way to keep your parents safe, especially when you have to leave them alone in the home. Connect these alarm systems to the relevant authorities and persons. That way you will be sure of help in case of emergencies.

Make improvements for certain areas

Setting up temperature regulators for showers and kitchen faucets, is a good idea. These should be set to a comfortable temperature to avoid unwanted burns and place motion sensors to certain areas where cameras are inappropriate. This will give the privacy required with out you having to wonder about their whereabouts. Hiring a home nurse Dubai to assist in the day to day activities and give them their medications on time will be a great idea.

Calling bell that is connected to your mobile

Whether you have employed assistance or not, provide a “carry with you” calling bell that one can use for emergencies. It is also useful to have one attached next to the bed if the individual concerned is bed ridden. This way they can call you who is far way, or reach out to the nurse who might be busy preparing a meal in the kitchen. These can become very handy especially if you have a large home.